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Is Nucleus compatible with Apple Mac USB3?

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Is Nucleus compatible with Apple Mac USB3? 
Not Applicable to Nucleus 2

At the time of writing some of the current range of Apple Mac computers use the Haswell chipset. There is a compatibility issue with the internal USB3 port on machines using the Haswell chipset and the Nucleus USB soundcard. Connecting a Nucleus directly to this port will result in compromised audio performance. We are unable to resolve this compatibility issue.


Apple Macs affected are Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Mac Mini.


The USB ports on Apple's Thunderbolt display provide reliable operation.


We have evaluated several Thunderbolt to USB adapters but have been unable to achieve 100% reliability across all Mac variants and as such do not recommend Nucleus for use with Haswell chipset computers if you're intending to use the Nucleus soundcard. This does not affect the controller functionality of Nucleus which remains compatible with all Apple Macs.


Note: Earlier Apple Mac computers using the Ivybridge chipset are compatible with Nucleus consoles.


A useful resource to determine which chipset your Apple Mac is fitted with is the EveryMac website.



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